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250 People


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Good taste and true style never really go out of fashion. Our advice for anyone getting married - you want the pictures to capture timeless elegance, so when you look back decades later you’re left with no regrets. 

Not every home has the capacity for large scale entertaining. Luckily for us this long-standing client’s home was built for entertaining. For their winter wedding the couple in question wanted to create an elegant, classic luncheon, following a morning church service, walking distance to the house.

The gentlemen wore traditional English morning attire, the ladies in hats – and whilst it’s all starting to sound a bit formal, the brilliant thing about this wedding, is that it was the exactly the opposite. A wonderful, long, lazy, Rosé filled lunch - followed by lots and lots of dancing. The dancing continued late into the night to DJs in a custom nightclub marquee on the upper terrace.

For us, marquees are a blank canvas, in that we can create anything. That said they equally need some serious dressing to create a space that is correctly detailed for arrivals, bathrooms, back-of-house kitchens and of course drama. Scale is literally one of the most important aspects of getting a room right.

'Our advice for anyone getting married - you want the pictures to capture timeless elegance'


Our client was concerned about the gardens, as being winter, many of the trees were bare leafed and whilst beautiful, can look a little cold. We took this as creative inspiration and found a solution through collaborating with The Prunellas who installed masses and masses of soft green garlands and open roses to create a fresh and classic space in which to lunch. A mix of antiques and hired tables created a timeless dining landscape as every table setting varied with household china and silverware on certain tables to various floral and potted topiary mixing up the overall look.

The other key thing the client had expressed was that the family did not want to worry about the weather – if it rained it would be wonderful, if the sun shone it would be a bonus. Being a marquee on two levels, we needed to build some custom walkway awnings down the staircase and the Dior grey stripes definitely added a St Tropez edge to the party.

For us The Toorak Classic will be looked back upon in many years to come with happiness, pride and above all love.