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What is your sustainability policy?

Our sustainability policy focuses on reducing environmental impact via sustainable food, waste management, and recycling. We’re committed to eco-friendly practices in our operations, aiming to lower food production, energy, water usage, waste, and chemical use.

Do you use agency staff?

We do not use agency staff for our events. All staff members are hired and trained directly by The Big Group, fostering a culture deeply rooted in the hospitality industry.

Do you offer boardroom catering?

We do not provide off-site boardroom catering services.

Which states in Australia are you located in?

We are in Melbourne, and we have plans to expand our operations. We will be opening in Sydney in 2024.

Can your venue host weddings?

Yes, weddings can be hosted at all our venues. We provide facilities and services that cater to wedding events.

What are the client styling options?

Clients can bring their styling elements for events.

What Audio-Visual and Technological Support do you have?

Some audio-visual and technological equipment are available in all our spaces. However, our preferred supplier for more comprehensive needs is Harry the Hirer.

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