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200 People


The Design Depot
Flowers Vasette

Nobody likes a dress up more than we do. Well that’s what we thought until we met this particular client many years ago. We had always thought we went all out, but these guys are just in another league.

Being theatrical by nature they do nothing by halves, we’re talking costume, couture, and serious film make-up. They’re one of the most fun clients to collaborate with and learn from.

Each crazy event we’ve done together has built precious memories over many years.

One stands out in particular though. A significant birthday and a serious passion for horror led us to a scarily amazing party. We created this fantastic marquee filled with all things horror, you name it, we had it; cob webs, dead flowers, tomb stones, skulls skeletons, projections, performers and spooky fog. It really was fantastic, but it was our guests who truly brought the magic to the night.

'A significant birthday and a serious passion for horror led us to a scarily amazing party'


It’s always a true testament of friendship when your friends are prepared not only to put themselves out there, but to also take a leap of faith and not "Bridget Jones" it to a dress up. There’s no one we know of who wouldn’t second-guess themselves on arrival to a costume party, fearing they’d mucked up the dress code.

We’re lucky to say that the guests on this particular night went all out, there was not a single lady or gentleman in the room who wouldn’t give Heidi Klum or Seal’s legendary Halloween dress up skills a run for their money. 

We are of the thinking that when people dress up for a party they are also dressing up their personality and that’s when the real fun starts. In this vain, we love dressing @teamtbg staff in costume, they always seem to work faster sharper and funnier. And who doesn’t love it when the boss has a quick Hanibal Lecter moment.