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230 People


The Design Depot
Joost Bakker

Every so often a brave client comes along who isn’t afraid of doing something slightly mad.

On this occasion we wanted something completely unique to celebrate the wedding of a gorgeous New York couple. We missioned to find the most unusual space to host the event, looking at country homes, out of town galleries, and other venues far and wide - yet nothing felt quite right.

One day, we stumbled across a very grotty looking car park. Over 5-floors of an old Victorian building, it had vaulted windows overlooking the CBD, raw wooden floors and amazing cast iron pillars. Our eyes saw past the grit and we started to see something beautiful, something magical, and something totally out of the ordinary. To our luck, so did the client.

We decided to use two floors, one for a dramatic candlelit ceremony, and the other for wining, dining and entertaining.  As the building was weathered, windows needed to be re-installed, entry doors and walls built to create zones, toilets, kitchens, lighting, carpeting inserted and of course furnishings and decorative elements.

As interior design was a passion for the happy couple, we went all out developing a colour palate and choosing textures and tones to create the mood. We worked with Dutch Australian artist Joost. Using candles, soft lighting, and wooden installations with spring blossom, he curated a twilight ceremony. The raw urban feeling of the car park mixed with the delicate romance of the blossom and the result was something that felt eclectic, romantic, and very intimate. 

'Every so often a brave client comes along who isn’t afraid of doing something slightly mad'


As an ode to the couples NYC life we transformed the entraining level into a Soho style loft/apartment where the feeling was more like having your mates over for a party than a formal dinner. An open kitchen was built with chefs cooking sharing food plates for guests seated at bar stools. A sofa area allowed guest to chill whilst waiters served cocktails from roving carts, a main bar pumped as a small restaurant had gussets sit down to dine before getting back up and onto the floor to dance the night away.

It really was a magical night. For us, the most important part of our work is something that cannot ever be translated via web or social media – it’s the amazing sense of warmth and love that fills a room, and the magnetic energy of great friends sharing moments. Most of all, it’s the memories that we’ve created that last a life time – long after The Big Group team have cleaned up and left the building.