Creative food stations for every event

Eating is best when it’s an interactive experience

Food is what brings everyone together, and creative catering can take your wedding or event from great to amazing. Sharing a meal, especially after a ceremony, helps us connect and can be one of the greatest moments shared with family and friends – so how do we translate this experience into an out of the box reception?

There are so many ways to feed your guests, from the traditional three-course sit-down reception to unique hors-d’oeuvres served in between cocktails, both valid but how reflective are they of you and your personality? Get in touch with your favourite food truck serving your guests til the sun comes up, keep your guests mingling as they casually dine on delicious finger foods throughout the night. Perhaps the food served reflects your culture or favourite family meals, adding more meaning and emotion to your day. Whichever direction your menu heads in, make it personal and make it unique.

Walk into the chicest event, and you’ll notice one thing, an abundant food station. With over 40 thousand images tagged with #foodstation on Instagram alone, you’d be crazy not to jump on this trend and create your own uniquely instagrammable event. Food stations are the perfect solution to low maintenance dining, all you need is the space, a variety of different sized serving vessels or leave the job to the experts! From a formal event to a low key gathering, stations are a great option for feeding guests in a creative and customisable way, inviting interaction and adding an element of fun to your event.

So what type of food station should you have? Depending on the time of the day, your guests and the theme of your event, your food choices may differ. A breakfast event can cover brunch snacks, a combination of sweets and savouries to satisfy all tastes and dietary requirements. In contrast, a cocktail event can show off a selection of cheeses, nuts and savoury finger food to perfection. Your event will guide your station, but only you can add that creative spark, taking the whole food station idea out of the box and bringing it to life.


• For a morning event how about creating your own breakfast bowl station? Smoothie bowls not only are good for you, but they look great too. Create a colourful, fruit-filled station with all the trimmings to get your mid-morning buzzing with fruity colours and a whole lot of fun.

• Got a hankering for Dumplings? A dumpling bar piled high with delicious flavoured dumplings in steamer baskets creates a stunning effect, surrounded by a collection of dipping sauces and Asian garnishes, your guests will be in dumpling heaven.

• Love that fresh bread smell that hits you as you walk into a bakery? Of course you do, so why not bring the bakery to your event? With an abundance of fresh bread varieties, an assortment of spreads and pastries to die for, create a voluptuous station that will lure any carb avoider, a perfect station for a garden party or mid-morning event.

• For a late-night snack as your party-goers are dancing the night away, have you ever just craved a delicious ice cream? Mountains of flavours, a variety of cones, toppings to top all toppings and collections of bowls and spoons will set your station apart from the rest.

• A seafood station abundant with shucked oysters, handmade sushi, peeled prawns, cured salmon and caviar will lure any guest into indulging. Totally glamorous and totally delicious, this station screams style, elegantly, of course!

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